I’ve always lived close to the sea or the mountains ⛰️. During my university studies in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, I specialized in leisure and recreation.

A significant part of my professional journey has been a blend of adventures ⛵: guiding active tourism trips, working in winter and water sports, and writing travel articles… These experiences led me to pursue a postgraduate degree in Sustainable Tourism.

I’ve had the opportunity to work across Europe, Canada, the United States, and Australia , and I’ve participated in solidarity initiatives in countries like Nicaragua, South Africa, or Peru. These experiences ignited my interest in volunteer coordination, teamwork, and project management.

A portion of my current work involves outreach and training for organizations, companies, and teams. For the past few years, I’ve been complementing this role by working as a university professor. This allows me to share knowledge and learn alongside students and professionals.

As a project manager, I’m proud to lead the Transformative Journey | Ruta Siete ULPGC, and I’m a member of the Soy Mamut collective.

I’m a freelancer, and I can work virtually from any corner of the world! I enjoy helping others through coaching and process facilitation, and I’m passionate about innovation, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and collaborative living.

I travel extensively, but the Canary Islands are my home base. I’m always eager to learn new things. Currently, I’m researching how adventure tourism can foster social and personal transformation.

Let´s work together!